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Old Man’s Journey is at once a game and a work of art [Best games of the week]

What are the latest games worth checking out in the Google Play Store?

Update January 19, 2018: Be sure to check out Old Man’s Journey, one of the finalists in Google’s latest Indie Game Contest! Then, check out Duck Warfare, which is currently free in the Google Play Store!

Old Man’s Journey

This week, Google announced the 20 finalists in the 2017 Indie Game Contest, so I figured I’d use this space to highlight some of the more interesting games on that list that slipped through the cracks last year.

My recommendation is Old Man’s Journey. This is an absolutely gorgeous game that follows the story of an old man who receives a mysterious letter that triggers him to set off on a nostalgic journey.

Part adventure game, part puzzler, Old Man’s Journey is optimized for touch as you interact with the world by moving the land to connect paths for the old man to continue his journey. Each section is bookended with a nostalgic flashback that gives a glimpse of a moment earlier in the old man’s life. It’s an intuitive experience that rewards interacting the entire scenery.

This is an emotional tale being told here and is a great example of how artful video games can be. The soundtrack is also amazing and quite soothing. If you love chill games with an engaging story, check out Old Man’s Journey!

Download: Old Man’s Journey ($4.99)

Duck Warfare

Duck Warfare isn’t a brand new game, but given that it’s currently on sale for free, it’s definitely worth checking out this week.

This is a fun and cartoony action game in which you command an army of ducks trying to fight back against the GÜSCO corporation (pronounced “goose-co”) who are trying to take over and develop the local park.

The controls are dead simple — you cast ducks onto the battlefield as they fight to keep the construction workers and their vehicles at bay. There are 24 different ducks to unlock and fight with that each has its own unique abilities and animations, and five areas to battle in. The graphics are simple and cartoony and the gameplay starts out very easily but it does get more challenging as you progress. There’s even a Flappy Bird clone thrown in just for kicks!

This is a great game for kids and casual gamers that’s ad-free with no in-app purchases… and it’s currently available for free so check it out!

Download: Duck Warfare (Free)

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